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Lyons HR PEO

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Thanks to more than two decades of experience, we can help you drive performance, control HR and staffing costs, increase profitability, and mitigate risk through a more disciplined and strategic approach to workforce management.
"Lyons HR has been with me since I started my company.  They are not just a payroll and benefit company.   They have helped me hire the right people., advised on various HR concerns and been there whenever I needed them.  I highly recommend them and the services they offer.  Although they have many staff members who have always been available and professional , I especially appreciate my Regional HR Manager.  She has always made herself available to help in any situation, offering the best advise according to labor laws and employee concerns. Lyons HR is worth every penny."

Meet Lyons HR

Here to make you more efficient and more profitable.

Lyons HR is a professional employer organization, more commonly referred to as a “PEO.” Founded in 1995 in Florence, Alabama with ten (10) operation centers, serving hundreds of clients and thousand of workplace employees across the United States.

Lyons HR PEO

Who We Are

Community Service
We’re also working to improve our community—not only through monetary donations, but through sweat equity and volunteerism.

How We Help

By providing our expertise to meet your toughest “people-related” challenges, we’re able to make a significant impact on your bottom line.

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Lyons HR

We Are HR

LYONS HR improves the lives of our customers by handling the administrative burdens of running a business. We function like an off-site HR department for small to midsize businesses. Our trusted experts actively manage the pillars of profitability so you can focus your attention on profit-generating activities, taking care of customers and growing your business.

Payroll, Employee Benefits, Risk Management, HR Compliance, and Insurance. Lyons is Here For You!

Why A Switch to a PEO is a smart move!

As a small to mid-sized business owner, you know the importance of effective HR management.


You can grow your business faster


You can lower employee turnover.

Save Money

You can save on administrative costs.

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Lyons HR PEO

We Are Culture

Company Culture Matters. With a PEO at its back, a small business’s leadership can create the culture of success it’s always dreamt of!

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