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Lyons HR will mail W-2s to each employee’s address by the IRS deadline (02/01/2021). Statements are available electronically on the Prism HR Employee Portal.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Employee Handbook

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There’s nothing more important than communicating with your team members, so everyone understands goals, expectations, and the mission and vision of your organization. And there’s no better tool for making this information crystal clear than a well-designed employee handbook.  

Your handbook documents policies, procedures, rules and benefits – providing greater understanding and helping to clarify any questions that arise. Here’s a closer look at seven reasons why, if you don’t already have one, you need to add a handbook to your HR toolbox: 

Bring new hires up to speed faster. 

Your handbook helps new employees quickly understand and set expectations regarding such key matters as their work schedules, leaves, compensation, benefits, dress code, performance reviews, salary and pay changes, training, and discipline. It also offers a solid introduction to your company culture and how they’ll fit in. 

Help ensure fairness and consistency in administering HR matters. 

By clearly explaining expectations for everyone, as well as the consequences of violating workplace rules, your handbook helps establish uniformity of HR communications across your company. It heightens transparency and consistency, giving people a go-to resource, right at their fingertips. 

Increase efficiency on the part of your HR and management staff. 

A handbook doesn’t replace the human element, but rather enhances the role and capability of your talent management team. As a documented source of information on rules, guidelines and procedures, your handbook can save both HR and management staff significant time, as they won’t have to explain things and answer the same questions over and over again. 

Help maintain compliance. 

Your employee handbook not only communicates your compliance with employment laws and regulations, but also demonstrates your commitment to maintaining that compliance. It can also provide protection against employee lawsuits and claims. 

Show your support of and concern for your employees. 

You can utilize your handbook to come forward with your company’s stand on issues that matter the most to your team members, such as avoiding favoritism, discrimination and harassment.    

Inform people of their rights. 

At the same time it informs employees, your handbook also provides guidelines for them to question or report any concerns they may have. It helps them understand their rights as members of your workforce and clears up many misunderstandings before they escalate. 

Minimize disputes and grievances. 

Your handbook explains expected behavior and workplace ethics. By providing clear, accessible information, it helps ensure that your company keeps moving in the right direction, with everyone in agreement, and avoiding potentially costly, image-damaging confrontations. An employee’s signed acknowledgment of receipt of a handbook shows they have had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with its content and know who within your organization they can turn to for assistance. 

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