7 Ways HR Can Showcase a Company’s Awesome Reputation and Culture

Your company’s reputation is the public’s perception of your business and how it operates. It encompasses stakeholders’ opinions on your products or services, as well as how you treat your employees.

The shared values, attributes and behaviors of your organization make up your culture. A company’s culture is evident in the way its people interact with one another and in the decisions they make.

Once you’re happy with both these aspects of your business, how can you best display your positive culture and spread your reputation to the target audiences that count the most, including prospective hires?

Why Does Your Company Culture and Reputation Matter?

1. Stay true to your core beliefs.

You know what they are and how well they work for you. (If you’re not completely clear or convinced, take a step back and work on that – because without a strong core, nothing else will be sustainable.) When companies remain true to their core beliefs in every aspect of doing business, they set the right precedent for greatness as an employer, corporate neighbor and company of choice.

2. At the same time, stay flexible.

Being confident in your beliefs doesn’t mean nothing ever changes within your company or your philosophy for leading it. In fact, the opposite is true. Be a lifelong learner, be open to diverse ideas, and stay open to changes as circumstances dictate or if they will make things better.

3. Set clear expectations.

When it comes to hiring, managing and retaining top talent, set crystal clear expectations about your company’s goals, processes, procedures and individual responsibilities. It goes both ways: you should also be fully aware of and responsive to what people expect from you.

4. Communicate regularly and effectively.

Know  the communication styles and media that work best for your various audiences, including employees, candidates and customers. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula. Whether it’s via traditional or social media, email, texting or going old school and making a phone call, meet people where they are and communicate by whatever means resonates with them.

5. Focus on work/life balance.

More so than ever since the world has been rocked by a pandemic, your employees need balance in their lives. Allow for remote work options, flexible scheduling, and whatever it takes for people to feel secure and safe, and to know the same is true for their loved ones.

6. Support causes that matter to people.

Find out which causes mean the most to your employees and throw your business support that way. It should happen naturally, as you’ve already aligned priorities and vision. Become known as a corporate neighbor who really cares.

7. Encourage mentoring.

Pair promising new hires with current employees who excel at their role and can inspire others to do the same. Mentor/mentee relationships can be amazingly powerful and beneficial to both parties. Mentoring across generations, ethnicities and genders can truly enhance your reputation and culture.

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