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Become a Lyons HR Referral Partner

Become a Lyons HR Referral Partner

Whether you’re an insurance broker, business professional, franchisor, association president, or Lyons HR client, we have a referral program for you! Through the Lyons Referral Partner Program, you can provide valuable solutions for your clients, partners, and business connections, while gaining valuable incentives.

Partnering with Lyons HR by referring qualified prospects is a win-win for you and your referral. As an industry leader, we have the experience and flexibility to find the best workforce solutions for the companies you refer to us.

Lyons HR sets itself apart from other Professional Employer Organizations with features such as:

  • Professional employer consultants who join your efforts to close referred business
  • Dedicated partner support
  • A-rated financial and insurance partners

If you have any questions about our Referral Partner Program, please
contact us.

Broker/Agency Program

The Broker Program is designed for insurance and PEO brokers. We partner with you to offer your clients additional HR-related services. Having the ability to offer Lyons HR’s value-added services reinforces your relationship with your client.

Trusted Advisor Program

The Trusted Advisor Program is designed for accountants, bankers, lawyers, and business consultants. When you work directly with your clients in a professional capacity, you may see opportunities for Lyons HR to fill a gap. For instance, during conversation, your client mentions he/she is struggling with the ever-changing federal laws regarding overtime pay, minimum wage, and healthcare reform. Lyons HR can help your clients refocus on their core business, by assisting them with their time-consuming, HR-related, administrative tasks.

Vertical Industry Program

The Vertical Industry Program is for associations, franchisors, and business organizations who want to offer their members additional HR-related services. Lyons HR can offer a program that is beneficial to you and cost effective for your membership.

Referral Program

Are you a Lyons HR client or worksite employee who would like to refer another business to Lyons HR? If you know an individual or organization that could benefit from a PEO relationship with Lyons HR, please direct them to us. Referring a new client is easy!

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