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5 Employee Policies to Review

employee policies

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Employee handbooks are important tools for establishing employee expectations, addressing workplace issues and defending against potential lawsuits. Failing to update employee handbooks regularly can make employers vulnerable to legal risks and liabilities, resulting in costly fines, penalties and attorneys’ fees. Employment laws are often complicated, and employers need to be aware of […]

Compliance Bulletin: Premium Tax Credit Eligibility 2023 Update

Fixing the Family Glitch—Premium Tax Credit Eligibility On Oct. 11, 2022, the IRS released a final rule that changes the eligibility rules for the premium tax credit (PTC) for family members beginning with the 2023 tax year. The PTC lowers monthly premiums for eligible individuals who purchase health insurance coverage through an Exchange. Individuals are […]

FLSA overtime pay

FLSA overtime pay

Supreme Court ruling implications on overtime Gadsden, AL – February 23 2023 –Recently the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that could have significant implications for some employers regarding overtime pay. “The U.S. Supreme Court held that an employee is entitled to overtime pay even though receiving a fixed daily rate well in excess […]

Lyons HR wins Best in HR Services by Clearly Rated

Best in HR PEO Services

LYONS HR WINS CLEARLYRATED’S 2023 BEST OF HR PEO SERVICES AWARD FOR SERVICE EXCELLENCE Award winning firms have a Net Promoter®️ Score that is twice as high as the industry average. Gadsden, AL – February 7, 2023 – Lyons HR, a leading HR services firm, announced today that they have won the Best of HR […]

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