Blurred Lines: How are Companies Addressing Remote and Hybrid Work Options?

Balancing the needs of remote, in house and hybrid workers with a company’s goals requires leaders to focus on the big picture while at the same time addressing each individual employee’s needs.

Three different scenarios – but yes, you can address them all successfully. If the pandemic of the past two years has taught businesses nothing else, it is the ability to be open to new ideas and work environments. So, regardless of where people are as they get the job done.,

Managing Remote and Hybrid Workforce Challenges

Stick to your mission, vision and values.

Circumstances may change – within your company, your industry, or the entire world – but the best way to weather the storm is to remain true to your core beliefs. This will set the right tone for all your workforce decisions.

  • Let supporting your culture be your touchstone for success. If that culture needs to change, then make it happen. But always stay the course. When managers follow consistent best practices to uphold and support their company culture, it extends to every employee, in every work environment.

Always be flexible.

The evolution of a flexible workplace was already under way pre-Covid, but the sudden onset of the pandemic kicked it into high gear. The long-term trend may be remote or hybrid work, but it’s not for everyone. Evaluate each employee’s situation and see what works best for them. This demonstrates that you care and are committed to keeping your best people on board and honoring their needs. Ultimately, it will result in enhanced employee motivation, engagement and loyalty.

Make clear communication a priority.

The value of effective communication is more important than ever. Take time to understand which media and styles of communication work best with different people. Yes, it’s an added challenge. But effective communication is critical to healthy employee relations.

  • Be open to a full range of channels – team emails, one-on-one chats, text messages, the Zoom format that everyone has come to either love or hate, and others. Another silver lining of the pandemic has been the necessity to adapt to new and different communication tools.

Hybrid and remote work may be here to stay. Or not. Only time will tell. But the key is: Be an adaptable, flexible leader who is always open to change. And, make that change for the better. You’ve got this.

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