Business Leadership Tips from Some of the Greats

The best leaders never stop learning. They are the products of continuous growth and development, gaining knowledge and insight on their personalities, relationships and careers, as well as the kind of leaders they want to become.

A great way to accelerate your growth is by modeling others who have achieved success. In other words, learn from the experts. The following leadership tips are part of a comprehensive list compiled by John Brandon, contributing editor of

Let’s talk transparency.

Keep employees in the loop. After all, it’s their company, too.

  • As noted by John Hingley, cofounder of the startup Dasheroo, “be as transparent as you can with all of your team members. The more they know, the more you all are part of the same dream and vision, and you’ll all work harder to get where you need to go.”

It’s all about empathy.

Empathy is about walking in another person’s shoes, listening actively, and being considerate of varying viewpoints.

  • “You can’t just be sympathetic and try to be liked every time someone comes to you with a problem or concern,” says John Turner, CEO of UsersThink. “You need to be able to understand the problems, as well as that person’s point of view … and if you’re able to truly be empathetic, you’ll be able to frame your response in a way that will prove you’ve heard them.” He concludes with the reminder that, “they might not always be happy, but it will lead to more acceptance if you have to tell them something they’re not eager to hear.”

Never stop communicating.

Have a clear vision – and communicate it often to everyone on your team.

  • Consultant and author Peter Barron Stark sums it up this way: “Know what your future looks like, feels like and acts like. It has to be a compelling vision that gets people excited and focused. Latch onto that picture as though it has already happened. Transport yourself into the future so you can see it with clarity. Share it with your team so they can see it and do what it takes to achieve it.”

Foster leadership in others.

Develop your current leaders, nurture your future leaders, and hire great leaders. According to a study that Dominique Jones, vice president of HR for Halogen Software, did with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services showed that 79 percent of global executives believed lack of leadership capability negatively affected their companies’ performance.

  • “Leaders need to be shaped and molded,” Jones notes. “And by leaders, I don’t just mean executives. I mean managers at every level of the organization. Too often, frontline managers are overlooked when it comes to leadership development, when the reality is that 70 to 80 percent of the workforce reports to them.”

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