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Culture Creators: A Team of Experts on Your Side

Culture Creators: A Team of Experts on Your Side Lyons HR

A company’s culture is the shared values, attributes, characteristics and behaviors of an organization and its employees. Culture comes to life in the way a company’s people interact with one another, the mindset they bring to work each day, and the decisions they make. Your culture encompasses a variety of elements including your work environment, your company mission, your leadership style, and your expectations and goals.

What a Healthy Culture Looks Like

A strong, healthy company culture is one of pride and teamwork. It encourages everyone at an organization to reach their full potential and help others to do the same. It supports and celebrates success and affirms personal accountability. And, it empowers people by promoting professional development and recognizing the value that a skilled and motivated workforce delivers.

  • The most desirable cultures are those where everyone is treated with fairness and respect. Employees consistently have a good work/life balance, tend to love coming to work every day, and are committed to the long term success of their organization. Those who demonstrate that commitment through initiative, passion, drive, and a willingness to do more than expected are appropriately rewarded for their efforts. The yardstick by which this culture is measured is levels of employee and customer loyalty.
  • Cultivating a strong culture begins with the clear definition of a company’s vision and mission – and by establishing a sold set of uncompromising values that everybody can get behind.

PEOs Help Their Clients Take Care of Their People

When you work with a professional employer organization, your PEO is in a unique position to positively impact your company culture. The best PEOs become highly engaged with their clients and, more importantly, with their clients’ employees.

  • PEOs don’t just prepare your payroll and administer your employee benefits, though these are among the primary benefits of a PEO partnership. They also are experts at crafting HR policy and conducting effective training and development programs that promote the kind of culture that leaders to enhanced employee engagement and performance.
  • PEOs get it – and so do you: Happy employees make happy clients. Happy clients make loyal clients. And loyal clients make profitable companies. Employees want more than just a job: They want a sense of purpose. And the right PEO can help you achieve this for your team members.
  • Employees want to know there are opportunities to grow within your organization. They want to feel and share in the success of your company and understand their contribution to that success. They want to feel appreciated and respected by their coworkers and have confidence in their leadership. In partnership with your PEO, you can instill this powerful sense of ownership in everyone at your company – and drive your culture to greatness.

Want To Refine Your Company’s Culture?

At Lyons HR, we can help you build your winning company culture, from recruitment and hiring through staff and leadership development, training and communications, and the development of best-in-class talent management policies, procedures and strategies. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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