Employer Branding is More Important than Ever

Employer Branding is More Important than Ever - Lyons HR

There are many descriptions of “employer brand” but in essence, it’s your company’s reputation as a place to work. It is shaped by your employee value proposition (EVP), which defines what team members value most about your organization. In essence, your image as an employer is defined by the perspectives of internal and external talent.

  • To remain competitive, it’s essential to continually nurture and develop your brand. The concept of employer branding was the brainchild of Simon Barrow, who worked on the first academic paper on the topic in London in the mid-90s. It has evolved from what many initially felt was just another industry buzzword to a key element of every company’s business strategy.

Why Invest in Branding

Employer branding should be higher on your priority list than ever before because, if executed effectively, it:

  • Helps you hire and retain top talent. A strong brand makes employees proud to be a part of your organization and entices prospects to want to work for you. Candidates are social media savvy, and they rely on referrals and recommendations from others as they single out future employers. Make sure your brand highlights are clearly illustrated on your website and all other online platforms. Start or continue to build your employee referral program – and put networking in every form to work for you.
  • Strengthens your company culture. How your employees think, feel and act – the basis of your organizational culture – is a big part of your brand. And vice versa. When a brand is authentic, aligned with workplace culture, and showcases what your employees value most, then you can truly reap the benefits: You will attract the best talent. You will create pride and trust, and inspire your current workforce. As you share messaging that aligns with who you are today and where you’re heading, a great brand contributes to a great culture.
  • Reduces your costs. If you have a strong brand, candidates will find you and apply naturally. This enables you to cut recruitment marketing costs. And, your staff won’t have to spend so much time finding talent. When brand awareness is positive, you’ll likely find that your sales increase, too. Current employees become brand ambassadors – and the more they talk positively about your company, the more customers and talent you draw in. All it takes is positive word of mouth.
  • Builds engagement and productivity. People who work for an organization with a strong brand tend to be more enthusiastic and motivated, which ultimately makes them more productive. This helps your company to be more financially stable – and the winning cycle continues. A financially stable employer is more attractive and current team members feel more secure in their jobs.

Are you looking to do more?

An ongoing commitment to building a brand relies on having the bandwidth to make it happen on a continuous basis. As a full-service professional employer organization (PEO), Lyons HR can provide the expertise and resources you need to make that happen. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.