Expand Your Talent Pool When Looking to Fill Positions at Your Company

Expand Your Talent Pool When Looking to Fill Positions at Your Company - Lyons HR

Is your talent pool deep enough? 

Your talent pool is your bench strength: those “go-to” potential hires that are interested in working for you if and when the opportunity arises. So it should be more than just a database of candidates’ profiles. Having a strong talent pool is a key aspect of your long-term recruitment strategy for filling positions that may not be vacant, or even exist, at the moment. 

Tips for Deepening the Pool 

You’re fighting for the same top candidates as your competitors. Here are some tips for expanding your talent pool as a key tactic in winning this ongoing talent war: 

  • Offer the most attractive benefits. Foremost among these is flexibility, as work/life balance has never been more critical. You probably already have people working remotely if you didn’t already, as a result of the global pandemic. But it’s always been desirable. Telecommuting, part-time and similar options will immediately broaden your candidate pool as you appeal to a wider audience and larger geographic area. 
  • Focus on the strategically important talent that may be hard to find. This includes passive talent – those high-potential performers who may not be actively job searching, but could be convinced to make a move under the right circumstances. 
  • Identify the hidden gems within your current workforce. Identify and nurture current employees who are ambitious, motivated, knowledgeable and loyal, so you can keep them under your roof and promote them when the time is right. They may have been overlooked; for instance, because they’re introverts or have managers who failed to advocate for them. Encourage and educate people on how to proactively manage their own careers. 
  • Optimize your social media presence. Be visible on platforms where top talent “lives.” Be an active contributor of posts, articles, comments and other relevant content. Drive traffic to your company website, as well as LinkedIn and other online pages. 

As HR becomes increasingly complex, most small to mid-sized companies don’t have the time or bandwidth for a lengthy recruitment process or to focus on maintaining a robust talent pool. As an ESAC-accredited and IRS-certified professional employer organization (PEO), Lyons HR can help you effectively manage your entire recruitment process. We pride ourselves on customized service, as noted by one of our clients, a business efficiency and education company: 

“I don’t know what I would do without Lyons … I can call or email at any time, and always get a quick reply. They truly take an interest in the situation we deal with, and want to help. I never get a generic response. They take the time to listen and provide us helpful feedback and information.” 

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