Five Tips to Finding Higher-Quality Candidates for Your Business

What’s the secret to consistently finding top-quality candidates to fill your open jobs?

The answer lies in the ABR acronym: Always Be Recruiting. By developing relationships with potential hires long before you need them, you build a robust pool of candidates – and can avoid having to be a firefighter when an unexpected, business-critical opening occurs.

Follow these best practice tips to help ensure top-rate hires:


  1. Craft winning job descriptions.

Make sure your job description tells candidates the exact requirements of the position. To develop your JD, enlist a team of people who represent the best qualities of employees who currently hold the same or a similar role. Have them work with your hiring manager to ensure optimal results.


  1. Have a superstar hiring team.

Speaking of teams, the smartest leaders and best-performing organizations utilize a collaborative hiring process. By adding more voices and input, you’ll get a more thorough and accurate evaluation of candidates.

  • Include people above, parallel to, and below the open position on your organizational chart.
  • As an added plus, collaborative hiring fosters a culture of unity and transparency, where everyone feels valued. Cultivating this sense of community goes a long way toward attracting and retaining the best talent.


  1. Never stop networking.

Make active networking, on- and offline, an integral part of your ongoing recruitment efforts.

  • Participate in, and pay for employees to participate in, industry groups, conferences and trade shows.
  • Create and periodically update master lists of industry leaders and other potential hires from customers, colleagues, co-workers and friends. Develop a plan for contacting these people systematically and regularly. Follow up on every solid lead.


  1. Turn to your employee ambassadors.

Employees want to work with people they like and respect. If your current employees love their work and share your values, make them your best ambassadors to recruit new team members. This includes potential face-to-face, as well as social, referrals.

  • People won’t put their own name or stamp of approval on an individual if they aren’t confident they’ll perform well. And current employees know your culture and which of their own contacts will fit in.


  1. Partner with the right recruiter.

Hiring a professional recruiter is a proven strategy to stock your company with extraordinary talent. The right recruitment partner enables you to:

  • Enhance the efficiency of your hiring: They will provide you with prequalified candidates with the specific skills and experience you’re seeking.
  • Lower the cost of your hiring: Lost time in finding a new employee leads to lost productivity, which hurts your company’s bottom line. Having a trusted recruiter to turn to for quick, effective replacements helps keep business results on track.
  • Access passive job seekers: A skilled recruiter will have a list of potential hires who are not actively looking to make a job move, but may be receptive to the right opportunity.
  • Maintain confidentiality and flow: When you want to look for a replacement before terminating an underperformer, you can search with confidentiality. The job won’t be published, and the transition will be much more seamless.

Need help hiring?

There’s no room at your company for anything less than the best talent. To craft an industry-leading recruitment strategy that meets and exceeds your unique needs, consider a partnership with Lyons HR. Read our recent posts or contact us today to learn more.