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Message to Our Clients

Full-Service Solutions are Where Tech and HR Meet

Technology has revolutionized HR in a good way – making it much easier to gather data and resulting in more efficient processes and practices. For instance: 

  • Today’s technology gives HR pros access to the power of Big Data, impacting the way you understand your customers, market to new audiences, and communicate with employees and job candidates. Big Data provides a fact-based view of your workforce and identifies emerging trends so your business can adapt.  

  • Predictive analytics allow for better decision making; for instance, they can identify employees who need better training or pinpoint work teams that may be struggling. They also allow you to assess job applicants based on real information, basing hiring on facts instead of hunches or gut feelings. 

  • Before the cloud, the collection and storage of HR data meant massive hard drive space, paper, filing cabinets, and drawers. This naturally led to inefficiencies, security problems, and data loss. Today, cloud-based systems and Big Data go hand in hand to provide invaluable insight. 

  • Cloud-based mobile platforms make it easier than ever before to access information. For example, employees don’t need to email HR every time they have a question about their pay or benefits. They can use a single portal where all the information they need is right at their fingertips – from answering these inquiries to requesting time off, changing their address or confirming their 401(k) contributions. 

Using HR Technology to Your Best Advantage 

You can apply the latest HR technology in a wide variety of ways including: 

  • Recruitment: Make it a top priority to have a user-friendly system that gives candidates clear instructions and features lightning-quick response times. Otherwise, you may lose top talent to your competition. 

  • Communication and engagement: The right technology allows for candidate and employee feedback to be collected and analyzed in a way that creates optimal experiences. And more engaged and satisfied team members prove to be more productive and loyal by far. 

  • Performance management: To cite just a few examples, data analytics can tell you which tasks an employee performs best, and whether or not they are meeting all their performance goals. And if not, by what percentage are they falling short? 

About Lyons HR

In order to effectively utilize HR technology, you have to understand it and stay abreast of related advancements, which are constant. Yesterday’s technology happened, well, yesterday. And there will likely be advancement tomorrow. So why not partner with a team of experts who can help you make the best choices when it comes to putting the latest tech advances to work for you? To learn more, contact Lyons HR today.