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How Can a PEO Company Help Identify Issues With Your Business?

When you partner with a professional employer organization, you enter into a joint employment relationship. Your PEO essentially leases talent to you, and manages many employment-related responsibilities and liabilities. This frees you and your core staff up to focus on higher-level business strategies and the truly “human” side of HR.

The Right PEO Knows Your Business

PEOs not only specialize in HR, they also specialize in your field. You can outsource any or all HR functions to them. As a result, you’ll be relieved of such time-consuming, and often worrisome, burdens such as benefits, unemployment, payroll, workers’ compensation and FMLA administration, resume reviewing, prescreening and related hiring steps, and the work involved in legal and regulatory compliance.

A Boost for Small Businesses

Due to today’s rapidly changing market conditions and shifting employee expectations, smaller employers face greater challenges than ever before. Your PEO can help you avoid and overcome HR problems and achieve the growth and bottom-line results you desire.

  • Among the most pressing issues in recent years have been matters related to the Affordable Care Act and employment law compliance. You can’t afford to make mistakes or risk fines or penalties for falling short – not to mention negative employee morale related to problems with payroll, benefits or your overall workplace culture.

Regardless of the size of your business, by working with a PEO, you:

  • Avoid the rising costs associated with a full in-house HR department. For example, when it comes to health insurance, PEOs have group purchasing power. If you’re a small business, your employees have access to the same quality and quantity of benefits as those at much larger organizations.
  • Have more time for high-value business activities. One of the major benefits of a PEO partnership is gaining back valuable time, which HR pros can use on more business-focused matters, and still not have more routine – albeit necessary – tasks suffer.
  • Boost employee engagement. Your PEO can provide the latest resources to enhance the candidate and employee experience and build loyalty, motivation and engagement. Access to better benefits, training and development opportunities and user-friendly HR technology all contribute to this success.
  • Improve your recruitment and retention outcomes. Recruiting is commonly cited as one of the top challenges companies face. This is often attributed to weak employer branding and subpar benefits. In one recent survey, when companies were asked which factors most impacted their ability to attract and keep their best workers, 88 percent said the number-one driver was the quality and quantity of benefits offered.

Partner with Lyons HR!

The best PEOs are accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC). Lyons HR takes pride in maintaining this gold standard of certification – a distinction earned by only about 5 percent of all PEOs in the marketplace. Contact us today to learn more about PEOs and how we can help your company grow and outscore the competition.