How Covid-19 Has Impacted Business Insurance Coverage

How Covid-19 Has Impacted Business Insurance Coverage

As the year winds to a close, the Covid-19 pandemic is in its ninth month. As shocking as this crisis was at its onset, it’s even harder to grasp the reality that it’s more of a marathon than a sprint when it comes to managing all its implications. Living with coronavirus truly has become the new global normal. How is the business insurance industry responding, to help companies get through it?

Business Interruptions

The business interruption (BI) feature of a property insurance policy responds when a business is rendered inoperable due to physical damage. Some policies also include coverage for civil authority interruptions; in other words, when the government ordered a business closed.

  • Policies often have virus exclusions. And physical damage to your property as a direct result of Covid-19 may be hard to prove. Furthermore, to qualify for successful recovery, you may have to demonstrate that police have physically cordoned off your business space.
  • But all may not be lost. In the past, governments and courts have ordered insurers to make exceptions in extraordinary circumstances. Prior to 9/11, for instance, terrorism coverage did not exist. In relation to Covid-19, a number of states have already introduced legislation requiring the retroactive coverage of BI claims.

If coronavirus has interrupted your business operations, your best move is to submit a notice of claim.

Workforce Reductions

Economic uncertainty and lost revenue have caused furloughs and layoffs at many companies. Regardless of how carefully these moves are implemented, affected employees may allege discrimination, wrongful termination or similar claims. An employment practices liability (EPL) policy responds to covered situations.

General Liability Issues

A general liability insurance policy might respond to lawsuits filed by customers, if they can link their viral illness directly to a member of your workforce. Review your directors’ and officers’ policy to be sure you fully understand your coverage.

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