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How is Workplace Culture Impacting Employee Retention?

Culture drives performance AND retention

You can hire a candidate whose technical prowess, expertise and experience are a perfect fit for your job description. But, it becomes a lot less perfect when that person fails to mesh with your company culture. In fact, this can be a prescription for disaster, as they almost certainly will not stick with your organization for the long term. 

  • Hiring without making cultural fit a top priority is, in a word, unfair. It’s not fair to your new hire, because they’ll be unhappy, dissatisfied and alienated from their team members – which, of course, isn’t fair to those workers, either. And this will quickly lead to a downward spiral: morale, quality and productivity will all suffer. 
  • In one recent study, companies that ranked highest on 20 leadership and talent management capabilities – foremost among them being culture – increased their revenue 2.2 times faster than those who fell short in these areas. 

Define Your Culture 

Successful retention starts with clearly defining and articulating your culture. What are the aligned values, beliefs and behaviors that make up your workplace environment? 

  • It’s about more than just checking a box. Establish a diverse, multi-disciplinary team to work on mission/value statement and ongoing cultural development. Those involved must be truly aligned on what the best fit for your organization is. And if your existing culture needs to change, they should be committed to making that happen. 
  • As recommended by a team of experts at Forbes, your culture and values should be memorialized. Publish them in company communications – those that are still issued on paper and those online. Then, ingrain them into all your recruitment and other HR materials. 

Slow is Smooth 

Increasingly, research studies are validating that employees who fit well with their companies, coworkers and managers have increased levels of job satisfaction, are more likely to remain with t heir organizations, and show superior job performance.  

  • Keep culture top of mind when hiring. Don’t lose sight of it or focus exclusively on an applicant’s hard skills. The U.S. Navy SEAL team uses the premise, “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”  Even if you’re afraid of losing a desired candidate to a competitor, never cut corners when it comes to determining cultural fit. 
  • Ask the right interview questions. For instance, “What’s most important to you about an ideal workplace environment?” Ask for specific examples regarding how a person likes to work. 
  • Have candidates sit in on a team meeting or lunch or attend a company social event. Then you can assess their comfort level in different environments. 
  • Combine finding the right people who share cultural beliefs with ongoing training and development. The best talent will want to grow with your organization. Otherwise, they’ll find that growth elsewhere. 

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