How to Improve Your Business Operations

It’s a brand new year, after two of the most unusual and challenging years anyone – including small to mid-sized business owners – can remember.

The harsh reality is that many businesses simply didn’t survive the impact of Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown -and who knew it would still be an overriding factor worldwide, nearly two years after it hit like a tidal wave in March 2020?

So for starters, your business is still here, circa January 2022. What can you do to not only keep it that way, but also implement growth plans moving forward?

Keep up with Covid.

As if the initial wave of Covid-19 wasn’t bad enough, along came numerous variants. Who knows what might be next? Pay as close attention as possible to the future trajectory of this insidious virus.

  • Closely monitor your local, as well as national and if applicable, international situations and mandates. Be prepared to adjust your business operations accordingly. If you’re not committed to taking every step to protect your employees and customers, they’ll find another company that is.

Complete your digital transformation.

You may have begun to transition to the cloud before the pandemic hit. Then your focus immediately shifted to implementing remote work and virtual communication. If you haven’t already, it’s time to resume that initial momentum. This way, you’ll be ready for digital recruitment, marketing and customer service in the months and years to come.

  • Your business cannot be solely linked to brick and mortar operations. Consider facts like this one: by two years from now, there will be 4 billion digital assistants in use worldwide.

Meet job candidates on their turf.

In any aspect of your business operations, don’t bet on things returning to the “old normal,” aka life as it was pre-Covid, anytime soon. Or maybe ever.

  • Ramp up your social media and online recruiting. According to a recent Google survey, 40 percent of millennial YouTube subscribers said their favorite content creators understand them better than even their real-life friends.
  • Develop your social recruiting strategy. This includes using current employees as brand ambassadors, creating positive reviews, and keeping all your content fresh and attractive to candidates, who have the upper hand in today’s job marketplace.

Respond to changed employee priorities.

Quality of life is outpacing big salaries, and flexible work is outpacing traditional office settings, as priorities have shifted among both job candidates and employees. This trend started before Covid, but has imploded in importance since the pandemic hit.

  • In one study, 39 percent of workers said they would consider quitting their jobs if their employers forced them to give up remote work and return to the office. Prospective hires expect the same remote and/or flexible working options.

Now may be the time to partner with a PEO.

If you’re not already working with a professional employer organization (PEO), this may be the year to start. A recent white paper from the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations outlines the pandemic-related benefits incurred by PEO clients. To learn more about the advantages of a PEO partnership as you position your business for growth and improvement, contact Lyons HR today.

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