How to Manage Workers’ Comp Effectively

Keeping your employees safe and injury-free is your number-one priority. But it would be irresponsible and potentially disastrous business practice not to effectively manage workers’ compensation and the cases that inevitably happen.

When an incident occurs, you can minimize recovery time for your employee, as well as financial and other costs for your company, by taking the right steps in a timely fashion.

Effective Claims Management

Here are six suggestions for effective workers’ comp claims management:

  • Have an injury reporting plan in place. Be proactive about safety – and about handling incidents. Have a well-developed injury reporting plan and note it in your employee rules of conduct.
  • Be prepared to provide prompt medical attention. Foster relationships with local occupational health clinics that understand your business operations and can provide timely, appropriate care. Key components should include an early return-to-work program and the ability to refer to the right medical specialists.
  • Report claims to carriers the same day as they occur. This enables adjusters to investigate effectively, which ultimately translates into cost mitigation for your company.
  • Take a best-practice approach to accident investigation. This translates to immediate reporting, written employee and witness statements and supervisor reports, and thorough internal follow-up to review all documentation and implement corrective actions.
  • Stay in clear communication with your injured employee. Support them so they receive proper care, and make sure they understand the workers’ comp process: what to expect when it comes to treatment, how payment works, and how their payroll situation may be impacted. This can lessen the chance an individual will retain attorney representation due to a lack of understanding.
  • Make modified duty part of your strategy. Also referred to as “early return to work,” a modified duty program can often reduce or minimize the cost of a claim. It may eliminate temporary total disability (TTD) payments, which makes a huge difference in both costs and the impact on employer and employee.

Looking for an easier solution?

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