How to Motivate Your Employees During the Holiday Season

Time flies … and we’re already at that time of the year when one holiday after another will begin to sneak up on us. Throughout the fall and early winter, people are enjoying one celebration after another. The holidays can be fun, exciting, joyful … and often stressful and distracting.

Not to burst your bubble, but the reality of the season is: It can be challenging to keep your employees focused and on task during the holiday season.

Challenging … but definitely not impossible. In fact, with the right plan, you can make the most of the upcoming holiday season, and while you’re at it, keep productivity, morale, engagement and profitability on track as you wind down this calendar year.

Seasonal Suggestions

Positivity is critical as you approach the holiday season. Take the lead, be understanding and encouraging, and maybe even work some seasonal “magic” to end 2018 on a high note.

  • End the year with the completion of a big project. Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound so magical upon first hearing it. But if you set a 4Q project – remember your SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) goals – your team can rally around and successfully complete by say, early December, it will put everyone in a celebratory spirit and get them excited about 2019.
  • Make sure all project goals are clearly communicated, so everyone can refer back to them as needed. Then, act as a coach rather than a manager. In other words, don’t dictate to people what they need to do. Instead, offer support and carry some of the load yourself. Put each team member in a position to succeed.
  • Be sensitive. This may not be a joy-filled season for everyone; for instance, if an employee has lost a loved one this past year, the holidays may bring about an added layer of stress, sadness or despair. This all comes back to knowing each team member as an individual – and supporting them through tough times with compassion and empathy.
  • Celebrate successes. This can be as simple as holiday-themed thank you cards, or phone calls and congratulatory emails when you see someone performing well. On a larger scale, treat an employee or team to lunch or drinks after work.
  • Encourage time off. Make sure people have the flexibility they need to visit family, attend their kids’ holiday concerts or take a few hours to catch up on shopping. Remember, they support your business year round. So at this time of the year, be aware of how you can best support them.
  • Don’t slack off on communicating. There’s a new year ahead. Keep your employees in the loop regarding business plans and how those plans apply to each person’s role in your company. Then, when they take off for holiday weekends and ring in 2019, they’ll come back energized and excited about the future.

Need additional ideas to finish 2018 strong and develop an optimal talent management plan for the year to come?

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