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Message to Our Clients

How to Show Your Staff You Are Thankful for Them

November is a time to give thanks – and the holidays are kicking off, so it’s typical to think of gift-giving and recognizing the most important people in our lives.

As an employer, those people are your top-performing employees. And while this is a good time for showing your appreciation for a job well done, remember: It should be a year-round priority. On that note, why not make a plan now for a robust employee recognition program beginning with the new year in 2019?

Appreciated Employees = Motivated Employees

In a recent Westminster College poll, 69 percent of employees said they would work harder if they believed their bosses appreciated what they did. By building a culture of recognition, you not only boost morale, you also improve productivity and ultimately, reduce turnover.

Make it Personal

There’s no single, cookie-cutter approach to employee recognition. Every individual is different, and the way they prefer feedback and acknowledgement differs, too. What works perfectly for one team member may backfire if you use it to recognize another one. Some people prefer more private, one-on-one recognition, while others thrive on public praise. The same holds true for whatever gifts or incentives you provide. Be sure to personalize them.

Here are some examples:

  • Career-growth opportunities:

    Career-driven employees often prefer rewards in the form of additional knowledge and professional growth. Offer them new projects outside the scope of their normal duties. Pay for them to attend a professional workshop or seminar. Or take them with you to an event you’re involved in, so they can not only learn, but also meet more movers and shakers. Introduce them and help them along their career path.

  • Food:

    One word says it all. Whether it’s coffee and bagels in the morning, a pizza party at lunch or a cookie bouquet delivered to their desk, food is always a terrific pick me up and a great way to say thank you.

  • Community outreach:

    Demonstrate your trust an employee by asking them to help decide on the focus of your company’s outreach efforts. Then, provide paid time off so they can volunteer for their favorite causes without worrying about lost wages.

  • Time off for themselves:

    It’s not just a cliché – time is Give an outstanding performer a half – or maybe even full – day off with pay. Don’t go overboard but, if it’s appropriate, take it a step further and find out what they might like to do with that time. For instance, take their kids to an amusement or water park? Take their significant other to the movies? Then, provide the tickets, too.

Partner with Lyons HR!

They’re your most valuable assets. So when it comes to hiring, recognizing, developing and retaining your employees, don’t cut corners. The Lyons HR team can help you craft the best, most effective recognition program for your workforce. Contact us today to learn more.