HR Trends Your Business Should Be Aware Of

Now that you’re into the second half of 2018, are you on track to meet your HR goals for the year, based on current industry trends? Things continue to move forward at lightning speed, but take heart: All signs point to a better workplace for everyone in the months and years ahead.

Trends to Watch

Keep these trends on your business radar screen as you develop HR plans and strategies:

  • Online learning:

    With a younger workforce replacing retiring baby boomers, online learning is emerging as a leading way to help employees grow. This ties in closely to reskilling and upskilling, as employees seek to stay updated not only in their own areas of expertise, but on what’s happening globally.

  • HR chatbots:

    Already in place for customer service and support roles, chatbots are moving squarely into the HR realm. Employees need assistance, and employers need to free up their HR team members from time-consuming tactical work.

  • Flexible work environments:

    Remote work, job sharing and non-traditional hours can be game changers from a hiring and retention standpoint. Today’s superstar candidates have come to expect flexible work arrangements that provide desired balance in their lives.

  • Global leadership development:

    Global leaders are those who are geographically mobile and bring a world view to their jobs and teams. They are inclusive and collaborative. You need to realize the necessity of developing such leaders in order to maintain your company’s competitive edge.

  • Enhanced community focus:

    Hopefully, your organization has already established itself as a good corporate neighbor, but this emphasis will continue to gain momentum in 2018 and beyond. Whether it’s the environment, education, governance or social justice issues, it’s the responsibility of HR to ensure employees have the potential to become involved, empathetic community leaders.

  • AI and machine learning:

    AI is being seen as a successful approach to engage and retain talent, combining machine learning tools like Get Links and Arya with the human element. These tactics have impacted recruitment practices, lowering costs and helping employers to source better candidates. As an HR pro, you need to be digital, not just use digital products.

  • Continuous performance management:

    The annual review is a thing of the past, having evolved into year-round performance assessment. You can’t afford to spend another year making people-related decisions at a slow, deliberate pace. Corrective actions need to be seamless and ongoing.

  • People analytics:

    In 2017, 69 percent of companies surveyed said they had been actively taking steps to improve the way they look at people data, compared to only 10 to 15 percent in previous years. If your managers can effectively analyze and predict workforce needs, then it will be much easier to enhance employees’ career development and implement needed HR processes.

  • On-demand hiring:

    The BBC has coined the term “gig economy” in describing “a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts and freelance work, as opposed to permanent jobs.” Temporary staffing can build speed and agility as you address high-demand projects and meet the ebb and flow of customer demands.

Work with a PEO Company!

This is just a sampling of current HR trends, which evolve rapidly and continuously. By partnering with a staffing firm that knows and understands your business, you can stay abreast of key developments as they occur. Lyons HR provides full-service HR management and is an ESAC-accredited professional employer organization (PEO). Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your job easier.