It’s the Small Things That Set You Apart

How are you ACTUALLY different from your competitors?

Competition is part of doing business. And competition has never been more intense. The key to growth and success is differentiating your company from that competition – finding the unique niche that will set you apart, and then using it to your advantage in a highly crowded industry. 

Line up your points of difference. 

What do you offer clients that your competitors do not? Find the niches that make your company unique – and then make them the focus of your marketing and sales strategies. 

  • Push yourself to think of differentiation factors while avoiding anything that is the same point of difference as a competitor – because that defeats the whole purpose! Capitalize on your best selling points. Remember, one company’s weakness is another one’s strength. 

Target the decision-makers. 

Make your pitch to the senior leaders at client companies who see beyond just dollars and cents to the unique value your firm can add. Then, make sure you’re delivering a high ROI on their investments. 

  • Leverage your expertise. Focus on your knowledge of a client’s business and industry. Of course, you will have thoroughly researched this ahead of time. They’ll appreciate the prospect of a partner who will mesh seamlessly into their existing environment and culture. 

Add meaningful worth. 

You can further differentiate your firm by providing additional services with your clients’ prospective and new hires. These may include: 

  • Thorough candidate assessments: Take time to fully evaluate each applicant you present, in order to identify the best possible solutions to a client’s current needs. As you assess talent, make it your goal to find unique attributes that a client wouldn’t spot on their own. 
  • Onboarding assistance: Help familiarize new hires with a client’s business practice and culture and do whatever it takes to optimize their orientation and training. 
  • Promotion of their brands: When you demonstrate your faith in and commitment to a client by promoting their products and services, they’ll be more likely to reciprocate. 

Focus on your own brand as well. 

Maintaining a winning reputation for your own company is one of the best ways you can differentiate your services. Your brand should immediately appeal to your target audience.

  • Spend time on college campuses from which you regularly garner talent. 
  • Join and become active in industry organizations and professional associations. 
  • Market your company as a source of advice and resource
  • Make it known that your firm has a proven track record

Looking For Strategic Ways To Compete?

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