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Expense Management System

Lyons HR + Ramp

The finance automation platform designed to save Lyons HR companies time and money

Less spending. More growth.

Our top line is your bottom line. Ramp is the only platform designed to help
your company spend less.

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5,779,426 hours saved (and counting)

That’s more than 8.4 lifetimes not wasted on expense reports. Ramp
automates busywork to make teams more effective.

Ramp gives you 5-in1 software that consolidates corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, accounting, and reporting into one simple and free solution designed to save time and money.

LYONS HR is always looking to streamline its internal processes, and one vendor that has really helped us is RAMP…the corporate card and spend management platform designed to help you spend less. Our team members love the receipt submission process which RAMP has built around the text message apps on smart phones. If you haven’t done so already, check them out.– Wade Krett, CFO

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Ramp x Lyons HR
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