Should I Use an Online HR Tool or a PEO Instead?

Should I Use an Online HR Tool or a PEO Instead? Lyons HR

There’s been a deluge of information in recent years about cloud-based HR software products, each promoting that they offer everything you could possibly need to accomplish any or all of your talent management needs. These online offerings are known as “software as a service” and of course, they’re more readily known by an acronym: SaaS. As if you needed another addition to the alphabet soup of abbreviations in the business world today …

The acronym debate aside, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with SaaS options, with their intuitive workflow and reporting capabilities. Some professional employer organizations (PEOs) have developed SaaS platforms as a secondary line of business. But, the bottom may start to fall out at the point where you have a problem or question and need hands-on professional guidance. Then, you become painfully aware of the shortcomings of using SaaS to meet business goals.

Have a team of experts at your fingertips.

If you opt to outsource HR functions to a PEO, you not only get robust HR technology, but also a team of subject matter experts whom you can call or email for any or all talent-related issues. And, in contrast to the lack of customization offered by SaaS, a PEO can create specific HR service plans based on your unique business needs.

  • Your PEO can leverage technology to make all necessary data accessible for you with just a single log-in through an online portal. This is supported by those SMEs, who are available in real time and know your company, its people and its culture. In essence, PEOs use technology to deliver state-of-the art professional services, but the technology is not itself the service. It’s the best possible combination of the latest tech advancements and the most qualified professionals – and it all adds up to the perfect recipe for your business success.
  • When you opt for SaaS support, you basically lease space on a software company’s platform. Then, you have to do the rest of the work yourself. And, you don’t have the benefit of risk mitigation or employment liability sharing that comes with a PEO relationship.

Online  tools have their place and function within the HR industry, but no software our there can compare to the efficiencies, effectiveness and expert help that a partnership with a PEO can provide.

Looking for the right solution?

Among the specialized members of the Lyons HR team are experts in the full range of current HR technology options to help your small to mid-sized business grow and thrive. We can custom design a talent management strategy that uses the latest tech to meet and exceed your ongoing goals. Read our related posts or reach out to us today to learn more.


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