Stay Focused at Work All Summer Long With These Four Tips

Did you know that in one study, nearly half of all employees reported that they typically work for only 15 minutes before becoming distracted? And even more, 53 percent, said they waste an hour or more every day on various disruptions.

It sounds crazy at first, but when you think of all the “noise” that pulls you away from whatever task or project you’re working on – text messages, emails, online notifications and even good old-fashioned phones or doorbells ringing – it’s not so far-fetched at all. And when summer rolls around, how are you supposed to stay focused with the sun shining, the warm breeze blowing and the beach beckoning?

Here are four tips to help you combat summer slump, make your daily routine more efficient, and keep you engaged and productive:


  1. Plan Ahead

Envision what your workday will look like ahead of time. Ideally, you should do this at the end of the previous day, but if not, make a habit to do it as soon as you reach your office in the morning.

  • Tackle the most important tasks first. This sets a positive tone for the day and inspires you to get even more done.
  1. Reward Yourself

After you finish a significant task on your to-do list, pat yourself on the back with a little reward. For instance, step outside for some fresh air or buy yourself a cold soft drink or an ice cream treat.

  • Take a vacation – or at least a long weekend. Even a half day on Friday can be a huge help. Even better, can you adjust your schedule and take every Friday afternoon off from now till Labor Day?
  1. Do Smaller Tasks

According to numerous psychological experts, the human brain often works far too hard trying to process huge amounts of information all at once. So, split up large projects into smaller, more manageable steps.

  1. Take Short Breaks

Bursts of hard work followed by quick breaks can be more beneficial than working for long periods of time without taking a breather.

  • Working through lunch or working late doesn’t necessarily make you more productive. Over time, in fact, it can lead to burnout.

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