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Taking Care of Your Employees is Priority 1

Taking Care of Your Employees is Priority 1 Lyons HR

Your employees are your greatest asset. Beyond being critical to keeping your company afloat, they’re people – just like you. And they’re your top priority. But never before has it been more important to take care of them, as stress and uncertainty continue in the wake of Covid-19. Is everyone back at work? Full-time? Remotely? Or on a hybrid schedule? Are they balancing even more balls in the air as they care for children, older parents, friends and neighbors? Regardless of the specifics, everyone’s lives have been upended in some way due to the global pandemic.

  • There are business implications as well. Not surprisingly, clinical studies have shown that anxiety and depression in employees result in decreased productivity.

Help your employees optimize their physical and mental health.

Covid-19 numbers have been unpredictable this fall, as the school year has resumed and businesses worldwide have redefined normal in terms of what their operations and work forces look like. On top of it all, it’s flu season again and the holidays are fast approaching. Combined, it’s a prescription for unprecedented stress, not to mention the possibility of additional health threats.

  • Start with keeping the bugs at bay. Coronavirus guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is continuously updated. In addition to being vigilant as an employer, go a step further and look into more flexible sick leave and contingency plans in the event people become ill. If it’s feasible, set up an on-site flu shot clinic. Provide resources, seminars and other tools to encourage a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, exercise and self-care.
  • Mental health matters! Fortunately, many of the traditional societal stigmas are easing, but it’s still a challenge faced by more people than we ever realized. And of course, Covid-19 has been another aggravating factor. As reported by the Washington Post, nearly half of Americans have reported that the Covid-19 crisis has been detrimental to their mental health. Check in with your employees frequently to see how they’re doing. Listen to their concerns, answer whatever questions you can, and provide resources to address those you can’t.

Ramp up communications.

Heighten your efforts around employee communications, including regular messages from senior management, Q&A sessions, virtual and/or in-person town halls, webinars, newsletters, social media posts and pulse surveys. Maintain your ongoing open-door policy, even if it’s online. Be accessible for employees to schedule one-on-one sessions with you.

Deadlines are a necessary fact of life, but build in as much flexibility as possible.

Work-life balance has been redefined in the past 18-plus months. Flex time relieves stress and makes employees feel happier and be less stressed and less absent – mentally and physically. Ultimately, it boosts productivity and profitability and reduces turnover. You can do it!

As an Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) accredited and IRS certified professional employer organization (PEO), Lyons HR can help your growing business with employee wellness and development strategies, as well as any or all of your current and ongoing talent management issues. We’ll work with you to customize a strategy to your company and its unique needs – regardless of the challenges you may face today – or tomorrow. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.