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The Human Element is What Makes or Breaks Your Business

The Human Element is What Makes or Breaks Your Business - Lyons HR

Technology has never been more advanced than it is today – but never underestimate the most important element of business success: the human one. Technology is nothing without human expertise, and innovations are impossible without employee buy-in, creativity and hard work. Last but not least, it’s crucial that you manage people in ways that keep your company efficient, profitable and compliant. So, be sure you never stop nurturing that human element. 

What Makes the Human Side of Business So Essential?

Technology Can’t Replace People 

Every part of your business boils down to people – and your growth is based on blending humans and their unique contributions with the right technology. The two are interdependent. Machines are becoming more intuitive by the day, but they lack the human capacity to address unique situations, troubleshoot, and solve unexpected problems.   

  • Robots don’t understand irrational thought, context, or the intangible benefits of personalized customer service. Real human contact is the leading differentiator in setting your brand apart from the competition. 

A Personal Touch that Makes You More Accessible 

Success goes hand in hand with strong personal business relationships. The more you get to know people, the better you can understand their needs, plans and goals, as well as relay your own and leverage your respective networks. 

  • In the words of blogger Stephanie Shirley of The Communications Entrepreneur, “One of the best ways to achieve a personal level of communication with your employees, clients and other stakeholders is by incorporating a human element into the way your business interacts with the world.” Whether it’s in print, online or face to face, people need to feel like you’re speaking directly, and listening, to them. 

Leverage Your Human Element  

Business success begins at home. Start with your employees as you leverage every aspect of your human element.  By truly understanding each of them, you can lead more effectively, build team and brand loyalty, and become more productive and profitable.  

  • Daniel Pink, author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, notes that as the number of jobs that require cognitive skills increases, people are more important than ever. He describes  critical “thought jobs” as those that demand higher levels of creativity, problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking. 
  • Tie individual employee goals with company goals. Pink reinforces the belief that people are not necessarily motivated by money, but by a desire for “autonomy, mastery and purpose.” Employee performance and job satisfaction increase when everyone’s goals align. 
  • Provide work/life balance. This starts with employee health and safety, which have reached new levels of importance as the coronavirus pandemic plays out. People perform better when their wellness and work/life balance are prioritized. If you want people to work at their best levels, help them take care of themselves and their loved ones. Be sure to find this balance in your own life, too. 

What can Lyons HR do for you?

Lyons HR can help you optimize your human element by serving as an off-site talent management resource for your business, from sourcing and recruitment through retirement. You can function on running your business, while our team handles such duties as training, policy development, payroll, benefits and tax administration, regulatory compliance, and more. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.