What Drives Employee Performance?

What Drives Employee Performance? Lyons HR

Every day, you strive to make your business better and more successful, and to improve your bottom line through peak levels of employee performance. But, how do you actually get there – to achieve and sustain those performance heights?

How Can You Motivate Your Team and Meet Business Goals?

To truly drive employee performance, you need to drive employee engagement: the emotional commitment that each individual team member has to their organization and its goals. Healthy employee engagement means a person truly cares about their work and their company. It’s up to you to create an environment where everyone is allowed and encouraged to consistently produce their best work.

  • Research has shown that companies with above average customer service benefit from workforces where 75 percent of their employees are highly or moderately engaged, versus only 47 percent of employees at other companies.
  • Statistics have also proven that even during the toughest of times, companies with higher engagement levels see their key business metrics improve. People pull together when the going gets tough, whether they do so literally or virtually.

Build trust and integrity.

These are the bases of good leadership – and without trust in people at the top, there will be no incentive to perform.

  • Leaders need to be visible and in touch with their staff. Be sure your managers are engaged; otherwise, leadership by example will simply fail to exist. Your management team must stay true to where your company has come from and where it is going, and then articulate that mission to employees.
  • Train managers to listen actively, communicate openly, and walk the talk when it comes to honesty and transparency. This helps employees to draw a clear line between the work they do and company performance. They need to sincerely value their relationship with their manager and find credibility there.

Give employees a voice.

Communication with employees must be two-day and ongoing. It’s not just a flavor of the month; it’s woven into the fiber of your company culture.

  • Seek out employees’ input and opinions, and then respond to and act upon this feedback.
  • Put the right mechanisms and platforms in place for people to be heard. Conduct surveys to find out which issues are most important. Then, use whatever tools are most relevant and effective for your audience, such as text messages, emails, video, newsletters and/or virtual town hall meetings.
  • Mark Gregory, founder of Unleash & Engage, coined the term “emotional backpack” as he emphasized the importance of ensuring that a business provides the right channels for employee communication. According to Gregory, “It’s up to leaders to keep those backpacks (a.k.a. employee concerns) as light as possible, so people can have a spring in their steps.” This enables people to be heard, feel listened to, and “to see that what they’ve been saying has had an influence in a positive way.”

Looking for more ways to better manage your business operations?

It’s critical that you manage people in ways that keep performance levels high and your company safe, compliant, efficient and profitable. As a full-service professional employer organization (PEO), Lyons HR can help you achieve these results by handling any or all of your talent management needs – and freeing up more of your time to run your business. To learn more about us and the advantages of partnering with a PEO, contact Lyons today.