What Matters Most to Your Employees?

The past 22 months – since Covid-19 rocked the world virtually overnight – have dramatically changed the way people everywhere view work – and life. And speaking of work and life in the same sentence, what has become top of mind is the need to balance the two.

More than anything else, today’s employees and job seekers crave balance and control over their own lives, including where their careers fit into that overall picture. Employers who understand and embrace this will not only boost motivation and engagement among their current workforces, but also garner the attention of the best prospective hires on the market.

What Do Today’s employees Want?


In a recent Harvard study, 88 percent of job seekers said they would look for positions that offered complete flexibility in hours and location. In order to position your company for future competitive success, you need to meet candidates where they are.

  • Right now, candidates are calling the shots. And after months of uncertainty, they clearly know that they’re looking for in their next job – and they simply won’t settle for less. It’s all part of what The New York Times describes as the YOLO (You Only Live Once) movement.


Employees and candidates want to be given the space and trust they need to perform at their very best, wherever they happen to be.

  • A lack of employee trust in their managers, senior leaders and organization can sabotage productivity, engagement and retention. Trust is the foundation of every relationship in life, so work is no exception.
  • Start at the top of your company to build trust into your culture. Your HR team plays a key role in developing this.


The aforementioned Harvard study showed that diversity in the workforce continues to be a priority. Eighty-six percent of workers and 66 percent of HR leaders were in agreement on this point. And a recent CNBC/Survey Monkey study showed that nearly 80 percent of workers wanted to be part of an organization that valued diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Continue to build a diverse team and provide honest, easily accessible metrics around your progress.

To Be Valued

People want to be measured on the value they deliver, not the volume of work. Oh, numbers are important, but they’re not the end all and be all.

  • This may require a mindset change, but it will be for the better. In the Harvard study, 86 percent of employees said they preferred to work for a company that placed greater emphasis on outcomes than output. So, be people-centric. Give employees space and resources to unlock their full potential.

Looking To Create a Business that Attracts and Retains Great Employee?

Your employees are your greatest asset – and as 2022 gets under way, finding and retaining a winning workforce is also among your greatest business challenges. But with the right support, you can take the lead and emerge ahead of your competition, despite formidable market challenges. Make it a whole new year – and a highly successful one for your growing company – by considering a partnership with Lyons HR. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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