When is the Right Time to Start Looking for a Seasonal Job?

During the holiday season, consumers shop, eat and travel more – and employees in virtually all industries take time off, so their companies need to fill those vacancies. This makes it a great time to land a temporary job.

In addition to earning extra money to shop and celebrate the season yourself, you may just get your foot in the door for a permanent position – if this is your goal. Otherwise, you can make the right connections for future temporary gigs to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

Start Your Search Right Now

According to one recent study, 90 percent of employers plan to hire seasonal employees during the holidays. And 86 percent are likely to hire at least some of them on a permanent basis. October is not too early to start your seasonal job hunt. Fifty-six percent of those surveyed said their seasonal positions would be filled by the end of this month.

Tips to Find Seasonal Employment

In addition to getting an early start on your search, use these tips to land the right seasonal job for you:

  • Check out different industries.

    The top two for seasonal employment are retailers and restaurants, but also keep in mind such seasonal attractions as ice rinks, ski resorts or in warmer climes, beach resort getaways, golf resorts and theme parks. This could be your opportunity to test drive an entirely new career path.

  • Keep a positive attitude.

    This is the number-one trait companies look for in seasonal employees. Show your prospective employer how well you’ll treat their customers. Especially during the holidays, the goal is to hire people who can smile – even through their busiest, most stressful times.

  • Be flexible.

    For many employers, candidates who offer flexibility in scheduling are even more valuable than those with more industry experience. This includes being available to work on days like Black Friday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

  • Be available for the full season.

    Nearly 40 percent of employers surveyed said they had experienced seasonal employees walking out during the season. If you assure a company you can commit to the entire season, this not only helps you get hired, it also increases your chances of being kept on permanently.

  • Follow up.

    After you apply, contact the HR department or hiring manager and ask about the status of the position. When you do this, speak and act like a consummate pro. Even if the job has already been filled, you’ll create a lasting positive impression.

Looking for a new seasonal job?

Whether your goal is to find a temporary or permanent job this fall, consider partnering with the staffing experts at Lyons HR. We specialize in matching the right candidates with the right employers and forging lasting relationships that benefit everyone involved. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.