Why Your Resume is Costing You Job Offers

Your resume needs to immediately grab and hold the attention of a recruiter or an automated applicant tracking system (ATS). It needs to be concise, crisp, relevant and up to date.

  • Research has shown that 40 percent of people shelve their resumes once they’re comfortably employed. Eight percent of those surveyed said they couldn’t even remember the last time they did an update.
  • Make it a habit to review your resume at least every six to 12 months. You never know when the next great job opportunity may arise. Be ready for it, so you don’t have to delay applying as you update your materials.

Here are some tips for your resume makeover:

Modernize Your Font

Old fonts can make your resume – and you – look out of date and out of touch.

  • Use a sans serif font that is modern, fresh, and easy to read. Arial, Garamond and Helvetica are good options. Even the classic Times New Roman has been dubbed by some experts the “sweat pant of fonts.”

Include the Right Contact Info

Your contact information should include your email address, phone number and links to your personal website, blog and social media – with LinkedIn being the pre-eminent landing place for recruiters.

  • What about your snail mail address? It doesn’t hurt to include it, but it’s probably not even necessary anymore.

Lose that Objective Statement

A resume objective statement is yesterday’s news. It sends a warning to recruiters that you’re not on top of current professional standards and practices.

  • Replace your objective statement with four or five bullet points that highlight your success in relation to the job. Keep them keyword rich, so an ATS or recruiter will pick up on them right away. Think of how your strengths can help your prospective employer; then put them right at the top of your resume.

Use Fresh Terminology

The wording you use is one of the surest ways to make your resume look fresh – or not. Eliminate any mention of obsolete skills, old software programs or other outdated terminology.

  • Bring it up to date, circa 2018. Take things like “strong knowledge of the internet” and even listing websites with the old “www” prefix off your resume immediately. By now, recruiters consider it a given you have internet knowledge.

Make No Reference to References

Hopefully, the antiquated “references available upon request” line is long gone from your resume. If an employer wants your list of references, they’ll ask for it.

Looking for a new opportunity?

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